Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Modified 5600 module - atomic sync screen

I continue to play with the idea of ways to improve on the 5600 module for the future. Based on feedback from you guys I've been playing with how the atomic sync results screen might look, when you press the button to see when the last time it synced up was. I've replaced "GET" with "SYNC!" and it shows the day, full date, and time it was last successfully synced with the atomic signal.

I've also created the screen for setting the correct time zone "ZN" for your atomic signal. This is actually very close to the way the GW-5600 module provides the method of selecting the time zone in the watch setting mode.

I saw some more feedback recently, so I'm going to read through it and give it some more thought. It would be very exciting to be able to incorporate these minor changes into a new 5600 module, bit can't ever see that happening - CASIO you listening?

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