Monday, August 11, 2008

Ocean Diver Lume

Luminescence that is. I was just told that the lume that will be applied to the dial will be almost identical to the type used by Seiko on its line of dive watches. That's great news.

The Seiko dive watches have long been hailed as having the brightest and longest lasting lume of nearly all watches.

To the left is the mock-up of the placement of the luminous material on the dial of my Ocean Diver - it's going to be a fantastic looking watch in the dark - very easy to read :)

Below is an example of how bright the Seiko lume is compared to two watches that are using Tritium 'tubes'. Tritium is considered to be self illuminating and will stay bright for years, whereas traditional lume material is charged by bright light and stays that way for just a couple of hours.

The high quality Superluminova-type material that s going to be used should please all of the lume-weenies on the watch forums!

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Scubadorable said...

Divers love the word "Kevlar". FYI. :)