Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Presentation watch case

Here is an example of the type of presentation case the Ocean Diver watches will be packaged in.

Watch caseThe leather pouch will be made to closely fit the shape of the watch so that is protected during shipping and presented clearly when stored or just not being used for a while. On the inside of the case cover there is a small pocket just the right size to hold a credit card, operating instructions, or a small cleaning cloth.

I really like the utilitarian design of this watch case, something that can be used one time for shipping or all the time for protection and traveling. The case cover is held securely closed by means of an elasticated strap that attaches to a button on the top of the cover, a simple but elegant solution.

Many dive watch manufacturers have moved towards large, heavy, waterproof presentation boxes - like the Pelican boxes - but that seems like such a waste to me and not where I want to be spending my money. I can't wait to see a finished watch inside the case - what a sight!

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