Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sample watch strap arrives!

The watch manufacturer has just sent me a sample of the type of watch strap that we are looking to use on my Ocean Diver watch. We wanted a strap that is similar to the Kevlar ones, but as that is a brand name (therefore $$$) and generally only available via Germany, it put it outside of the budget.

The lug width for my watch will be 20mm, which is a very standard width for straps these days. The sample strap has a ballistic nylon outer shell that will not only be waterproof it will be very durable.

The back of the strap is made with an incredibly fine grain leather that feels very comfortable to wear. The strap is thick (~4mm) and looks like it would survive a direct hit from a missile, but it is more than flexible enough and comfortable to wear.

I'm wearing the strap right now on an old MWC Royal Navy diver watch that has 20mm lugs. The strap feels great and I'm looking to see if it gets any softer over time. Things are really moving along nicely...

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