Thursday, December 10, 2009

JitteryJim reviews Ocean Diver

Active Watchuseek forum member and avid collector, JitteryJim, posts an in-depth review of the Ocean Diver. A very well written review with absolutely beautiful photographs.
"At the end of the day Prometheus has produced a worthy entry into the mid-priced range diver category. It is a sold, well built watch with a lot of attractive features: the classic compressor style case, easy to read dial, well thought out design, sapphire crystal, good luminescence, and a complimentary strap. With the watch being Swiss made it will be more attractive to a wider audience, I believe, as many watch enthusiasts have not yet entirely warmed up on all Chinese built watches, especially at this price. For those that enjoy dive watches I believe you'd be quite pleased with the Ocean Diver. I am looking forward to the release of the other two Prometheus Ocean Diver models, the GMT and chronograph, which should be available sometime in 2010."

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